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7 Career Paths for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in UAE

7 Career Paths for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in UAE

Entrepreneurs are the new cool in today’s youth, it is inspiring millions of millennials across the globe. As this generation loves freedom and doesn’t want to be bound under any shackle. They need liberty and want to set their careers on their own term. And the United Arab Emirates is said to be the home of dreamers, aspiring people who happen to re-live their dream in this culturally rich region. As UAE happens to be tax-free, low excise duty on imports and export. Have straightforward business laws and have 0 crime rate. This makes this Emirate a favorite choice among entrepreneurs.

So, aspiring fellas we will give you lip-smacking entrepreneur’s streams which will surely going to benefit you in terms of success and also in monetary way.

Restaurant or Cafes

What makes a country stand out apart from its economy and other geographical factor is its food. And UAE is bestowed among the best in terms of their exquisite and devouring food. Because it is loved across the globe, making their cuisine a favorite among tourists and ex-pats. Not only that, all American fast-food chains have their outlets opened in UAE, be it Shake Shack, good ol’ McDonald’s, or five guys. You name it they have it, so owning a franchise or opening a roadside café in a busy neighborhood or a kiosk on the Marina Bay or a food joint in a mall is a splendid idea.

Tourism Company

UAE being the home of many notable skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab among the long list. Makes this place quite famous for tourists. As it has entertainment options like Dubai Mall, Dubai Frame, and Indoor aquarium. So opening a tourism company will be a FAB! Idea for sure. As westerners in huge abundance take UAE’s route for transit purposes and opt for lay over tourist visas too.

Another bonus entrepreneur idea for business is stepping into education based company for student assistance like is doing.

Recruitment agency

UAE half of the population comprises ex-pats. Making it one of the most popular destinations for job seekers and business-minded people. Although acquiring a job in UAE is a tiresome process, it involves loads of job hunting and various lookouts for scams and other gimmicks. These hurdles and other attributes make aspirers to lookout for agencies that offer services like recruitment, job posting, and paperwork. So another benefit for you to see this option too.

Exotic car importer

If there is anything for which UAE should be famous it is for its roads graced by exotic sports and luxury cars. It is not at all shocking to see a Bugatti Cheron parked outside a McDonald’s or see the garage of a grocery store lined up with BMWs and other A-list cars. This is all because the fuel rate is extremely cheap in UAE, as they are the exporter of oil worldwide. Also one of the main reasons is UAE is a rich country with just 5% VAT on goods. So taking up this stream as an entrepreneur will be a good idea as most of the residents and citizens depend upon such car dealerships agencies.

Licensed Property dealer

You have no idea how rich the Arabs are. Keeping a lion and tiger as a pet will somehow give a rough idea of what their taste is. Being home to the largest gold market in the world will surely make them super-rich and wealthy on the graph. And what do rich people do? Of course, they invest and what is the best investment option available in the UAE is none other than purchasing properties. So establishing a real estate business or opening an agency that deals and guides people in the property domain, will strikingly raise your revenue tangent. Another most selling degree and job prospect market is of mba assignment help Dubai.

Daycare business setup

As the majority of the couples living in UAE are working class. The husband and wife prefer to work as the lifestyle and living in Dubai are quite expensive. So, taking care of children is not possible for such couples. And they prefer to have a reliable source where they can with full assurance leave their children during the work hours. Opening of a daycare service is a brilliant idea, which will not only ease the worry of such troubled parents and will also make profits for you. Of course, you need a permit and have to do the routine paperwork in order to set up this business. To plus that, you also need to hire qualified people who can manage and take care of toddlers and cater to the needs prescribed by the parents.

Cleaning service/agency

The routine of ex-pats and also the nationals is quite hectic and normally they only get a weekend off. And in that just 2 days they have tons of other pending work which have to be done. And chores like house cleaning is time-consuming, and it is often overlooked. So in this scenario, the hygiene of the poor house suffers. In this situation, several ventures in this stream have evolved, and always a need for a new one arises, wouldn’t that be a great option after detailed market study aspiring entrepreneurs can take the plunge. Because such people who are busy bee need such services to lighten the burden of their chores.

To sum up

As we all know UAE is a very active hub for tourism and job seekers. This makes this country an ideal place to expand wings. Because, if you are an ex-pat, you will have tons of benefits in earning sector. Whether you want to be engaged in a job or to start up a business. Basically it laymen it means UAE is your oyster, so make the most of it. We have listed the seven most amazing streams which is on the topmost tangent on the success radar. From owning a café or opening a daycare business, we got you covered in all dynamics of the UAE entrepreneur world.

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