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Best activities to try your friends in Dubai

Best activities to try your friends in Dubai

Have you ever dreamed to catch the sunrise from hot air balloon with your friends? Here, we are taking about one of the best activities to experience in Dubai in order to leap at the beautiful spot.  No doubt, the world is full of tourist’s destinations, but nothing can beat the level of Dubai. Dubai is the home to hundreds of world records and insane activities- with the fastest, tallest, and biggest. Many of us go on a vacation by putting everything on hold to collect beautiful memories with friends or family. Trust me, Dubai tour with your friends’ group must be included in your bucket list to collect remarkable memories. Now, it’s time to discuss some of the major ones.

Swim with the Sharks

Dubai aquarium is one of the ideal places to face tour deepest fear. It is fascinating to know that Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo in Dubai Mall includes the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. The huge 10-million-liter water tank is the home to over 33,000 aquatic animals. It also includes rainbow blend of reef fish and stingrays.

If you are a certified diver, you can also go for a shark dive to brush the shoulders with zebras, nurse sharks and sand tigers. However, if there is no diving license, don’t worry, you can still come close safely behind the diving cage bars.

Skydive over the Palm Jumeirah- the man-made island

Imagine yourself falling freely over 190km/h over the Palm Jumeirah island- world’s eight wonder. This epic island is full of wonders. No matters, whether it’s your fist time of you are trained well along with the skies- never miss the chance to fly at the best skydiving spot of Dubai.

You can choose a desert of Palm Jumeirah island for skydiving in order to get breath taking views of Dubai skyline. A professional skydiver will capture your jump- remember to smile. Skydiving is one of the most popular activities to try out especially with your friends. However, it would be best to book your slots in advance.

Have Dinner on a yacht

You and your friends can’t say you have had a taste of the high life until you have experienced a five-star dinner on the yacht. Never miss a delicious Arabic and international cuisine buffet accompanied by a cruise along the Dubai Marina. Yacht rental Dubai allows you enjoy the magical view of over 148 buildings lining the stunning marina, Atlantis the Palm resort, Burj Al Arab and newly launched Dubai Eye.

Never miss desert safari

If you want something adventurous with your friends, add a safari adventure in your bucket list. Nothing can beat the level of excitement of thrilling dune bashing in 4×4 vehicle. From the hotel to desert entrance, it’ll be a smooth journey. At a pitstop, the vehicles are prepared for dune bashing of mounds of sand by letting out the air from the tires. Hold on tight and tie your seat beats- because the really thrill starts from here.

Enjoy a 25-minute ride plunging down the ultra-steep sand dunes and dangerous drifting. It’s a kind of different rollercoaster ride on desert that you must try once in a life.  Moreover, your desert safari trip is in completed without riding on a camel- the ship of desert. A camel ride feels like you’re on a ship because the back and front legs move at the same time heaving the entire body on each step.

Moreover, your desert safari trip is in completed without riding on a camel- the ship of desert. A camel ride feels like you’re on a ship because the back and front legs move at the same time heaving the entire body on each step. However, you can also choose an overnight desert safari package in order to add extra memories. Staying at the camp under the stars, henna painting, belling dance, Arabic sheesha, live buffet and several other activities are included in this package.

Stay in the Burj Al Arab

Since the opening of this iconic building in 1999, Burj Al Arab is beings the world’s only seven start hotels. Although, it’s an unofficial title but due to extreme luxuries and facilities provided by the hotel- the hotel has received great hype. Keep in consideration, a single night stay at this super amazing is expensive but trust me, it’s a worth once in a life experience with your friends. One of the best things about Bur Al Arab hotel is, it has no regular rooms. You can stay in a suite and admire the gold furniture from taps to dustbin.

Take a Photo at the Burj Khalifa

If you want to amidst the glittering lights and skyscrapers, nothing in the world can best than the top of Burj Khalifa. The tallest man0made structure of the world is dizzying with the height of 828meters. You can also spot this marvel structure from the airplane window. If you are with your friends, never miss At the Top on Burj Khalifa at 124th and 125th floor’s observation desks. However, if you want to go on record- breaking heights, get your ticket for world’s highest observation desk on 148th floor. The long elevator ride with immersive lights is the home to architectural genius. Find yourself zooming the sky. There’s no surprise that views from the top of the Burj Al Arab are out of the world.

Go Skiing

If you are one of those who never skied before, here you have the best chance to give it shot at the world’s biggest indoor ski resort.   Ski Dubai- in the Mall of Emirates, allows you enjoy the complete winter experience with chilly temperature of -2°C in the middle of the desert- sounds amazing. Other activities include penguin encounters, bobsleds, as well as zorb balls. You can also try skiing with friendly instructors.

However, you’re good with your snowboard and skis, it is suggested to ahead in order to hit the indoor slopes. Ski Dubai is a cool experience with your friends. Although winter winter clothing is provided, but it would be best to get some extra layers especially of you get cold easily.

Ride a Limousine

One of the amazing ways to end your trip to the most extravagant city- the limousine party! It’s fascinating to know that Limo rental in Dubai will pick you from your hotel in a luxurious limousine. The vehicle is accompanied with professional chauffeur service, your favorite beverages, as well as speakers to enjoy.

If you are with your friends, an eight-seater limousine will be best and cheaper than 90% of Grab rides- an affordable choice for living out VIP dreams.

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