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Coffee Shop: Things to look out to get ‘THE GENUINE COFFEE EXPERIENCE’

Coffee, enriched source of refreshment. Coffee mean different things to different people. Be it a date, friends get-together, office meeting, or simply a place to spend time yourself, coffee shops are forming important aspect in day to day life. Not surprising how renowned chains like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero and Cafe Coffee day have taken few minutes of modern consumer daily life. Is it only the coffee? Not Indeed! What we found from our research with genuine coffee lovers, are richly lived experiences derived from coffee-lovers. So if you are looking forward to for an exclusive coffee-time look out for the following facts while choosing a coffee shop.

The Coffee:

Certainly, coffee shops are looked upon to have a sip of refreshment. To boost your energy, to influence your mood-swings or simply add an aromatic, relaxing touch in your busy schedule. Ensure that the quality of coffee from your chosen shop compliments not only your taste buds, but your emotions too. Many coffee-lovers spilled out that coffee is just an excuse they use to stimulate. So this could be for any reason – work, emotions, friendship, love and even solitude, yes, believe it!


A good coffee shop will not let you stranded with their only option – coffee. They will add compliment to your snack with freshly baked bread, muffins, sandwich, pastries and many more. Many coffee-shoppers also mention on the variety of coffees that each coffee shop specialize in. So is it hot beverage in freezing conditions or a cold splash iced coffee in tropical scorches, hot chocolate milk for your kiddo, or a blissed cappuccino or Latte, a good coffee shop will have them all.


A good coffee is complete when it generate the necessary experience. So is your loved coffee shop creating an atmosphere to bring you your unique ‘coffee-experience’? So let’s figure out the coffee tickling experiences which a good coffee shop can provide could be, that adds to the perfect ambience.


So as you enter in the coffee shop, you are already partially satisfied as your brain recognizes that it is heading towards getting fresh. The quality of the flavour disseminated within a coffee bar reflect the freshness of its coffee. A coffee shop will have rich scent of freshly brewed and roasted coffee beans preserved in the most excelling conditions.


The furniture, the set ups of coffee shops are often high-backed and on slabs. They give you a sense of being young and energetic. Comfortable seating giving you an overall picture of the store. They are arranged for singles, couples, families or groups. So choose what fits you in and select it.

Your time, Your Space:

Unlike traditional hotel chains or restaurants, coffee shop would not have a barista attending you. Coffee shop promotes a sense of individualism and independence. You can walk down the store, make your own selection, pay yourself and get the order served or collected. Great stores like Starbucks even allows the visitors to view the barista making your coffee so that you are aware of how the whole process works. So you can sense that you control your time and space, which is the biggest demand of current needs.


Indeed, the integral part of a coffee store which adds to your moods. Music played in coffee shops cater to different moods. They are lively and entertaining. They promote sense of rejuvenation physically with every sipped coffee gulp mentally.


It is a inevitable trend that most good coffee shops have the Wi-Fi connection. They respect that you survive in an inter-connected global village and hence assure that your connections be social, personal or professional does not break even when you are enjoying your cup of freshness.

These were some of the top experiences shared by our coffee-holics respondents from around the world. Please share your feedback. Look out for similar features from your chosen good coffee-shop and make the best value of what you pay for.

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