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Delektia set to heat up regional frozen foods sector, as clever and innovative F&B brand launches operations in the UAE

Company sets sights on bringing ‘a taste of home to every freezer’ as it rolls out traditional Middle Eastern recipes to supermarkets and online resellers across the UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — (Arab Newswire) — Delektia, an innovative new company in the Middle East’s frozen food industry, today announced the successful launch of its Dubai offices. The company prepares to bring fully cooked, frozen, ready-to-heat meals, “cooked with the love of every Mama and Teta”, to families across the country.

Delektia’s recipes are carefully selected from traditional favourites across the Middle East. The company’s founders conducted four years of meticulous research, which included testing recipes of many mothers and grandmothers to identify the perfect recipe for every dish. They then set out to design optimal packaging that’s easy to use in a microwave or oven. The branding is young and plays on words in both languages in Arabic and English.

Founder Ziad S. Bushnaq had already spent many years in the F&B and hospitality sectors when he conceived Delektia’s core offering based on his own life experience, starting with his college years.

“When I was studying abroad,” he said, “my roommate’s mother would send us her delicious, pre-cooked meals that she had frozen. After university, I came back and got a job. Which is when my mother visited and did the same. I got married, and both my wife and I worked, so my mother continued to cook and freeze her flavourful dishes for us. Proper home-cooked food, prepared with care and attention, is a vital part of our health and wellness, but not everyone can set aside the time needed to make them.”

Bushnaq teamed up with fellow F&B industry veteran Faisal Majali to bring Delektia to life and offer the home-cooked experience to UAE consumers. Within a few short months, they had raised the necessary seed funding. And then, work began on bringing the authentic taste of family cuisine to homes across the nation. One of the company’s unique selling points is its use of innovative blast-freezing technology to ensure that its dishes’ nutritional value and taste are preserved throughout the packaging, storage, and delivery. They believe “if mom and grandma never put preservatives and MSG in their food”, neither would they.

“Today’s generation of consumers wants everything smart and fast,” Bushnaq said. “They want a clean, home-cooked meal but do not have the time to prepare ingredients and stand over a stove. Our concept is to bring a taste of home to every freezer so that – in five to eight minutes – university students, single young executives, working couple, and families can all enjoy a nutritious dish that tastes just like Grandma use to make. It’s authentic, and it’s clean, simple and quick.”

Delektia has already gathered momentum in the UAE market. At launch, ten traditional dishes were available, with top sellers including Dawood Basha (meatball stew), Mloukhieh with Chicken (mallow leaves), Lentil Soup, and Ruz with Vermicelli (Rice). The company is planning to launch more options in the months ahead.

Delektia has adopted a distributor-based go-to-market strategy and has contracted with Emirates Snack Foods (ESF) to sell products online and in over 300 supermarkets around the UAE and Oman. They are in talks with other distributors to expand in the GCC, Middle East, Europe and the US. At the moment, supermarket sellers include Union CoOp, Choitrams, Spinneys, Waitrose and more. Online resellers include Shop Kitopi, Talabat Mart, Bidfood, and other online platforms.

About Delektia

Delektia is an innovative frozen food brand, all lovingly designed to retain the nutritional value of their ingredients while delivering a comforting taste of home. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Delektia’s recipes are based on traditional favourites from across the Middle East, and each dish is carefully prepared and packaged using cutting-edge blast-freezing technology that preserves quality throughout storage and delivery.

Check out a selection of photos from Delektia’s gallery here.

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