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Dominica’s Tourism Minister Invites Families in Asia and the Arab World to Seek Citizenship in Dominica and ‘Be a Part of Something Great and Transformative’

LONDON, October 31st, 2021 — (ARAB NEWSWIRE)  — The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme is an instrumental tool transforming the socio-economic landscape of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This is according to the island’s Minister of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Hon. Denise Charles, who attributes the nation’s thriving tourism industry to the CBI Programme and welcomes investors from Asia and the Middle East to Dominica.

As the world rapidly changes, invaluable and intangible resources like health, safety and security have become non-negotiable for business people and their families with weak passports. Dominica, nestled in the beautiful eastern Caribbean, prides itself as a nature-prioritising destination in which one can feel safe. Aside from a second home, Dominica’s CBI grants new citizens full living, studying and working rights, business expansion opportunities, and visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 destinations.

Becoming a citizen is not just advantageous for personal security and travel, Minister Charles said, it allows one to help build a more modern, dynamic Dominica for all its citizens and residents. “I want to encourage anyone who is seeking a second citizenship to consider Dominica and be a part of something great and transformative,” she added.

“Now, as a nation, we are undertaking the single most transformative project in our history under the CBI Programme: the construction of an international airport,” said Minister Charles. The airport, scheduled for completion in 2025, will “serve as a major gateway to key countries like the United Arab Emirates, the UK, China, other parts of Asia and Africa for trade and travel.”

Through the CBI Programme, Dominica has expanded its tourism product to include luxury eco-friendly accommodations like the recently opened 5-star Kempinski resort. The initiative has funded the expansion of globally recognised boutique hotels like the Secret Bay Residences, which recently celebrated its 100th ROI payment to its CBI clientele, and rebuilt the famous Jungle Bay resort, damaged by tropical storm Erica. Other projects accepting investments through CBI include the Hilton Tranquility Beach resort, the Marriott Anichi Resort and the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort & Spa.

Vetted applicants to Dominica’s CBI Programme can choose between investing in one of these trusted hotel brands for return on investment or contributing to the government fund. The second option supports youth educational advancement, climate-resilient housing projects, sustainable job certation and economic growth.

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