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Drifting: What You Need to Know Before You Start Burning Rubber

Each person likes to express themselves a certain way, through clothes, paintings or music. But one of the most popular ways was and still is… cars.

The way you drive your car tells a lot about your personality. The adventurous personality tends to try new things and tests the thin line between dangerous and safe, and what’s a better hobby to show off this trait other than drifting?!

Drifting is a movement that requires skill and care, an art where a driver willfully steers the car too much leaving so much pressure on the tires to lose grip on the road. In other words, drifting is pushing then letting go and surrendering to the thrill.

Although drifting is bad for the tires and causes a drop in the value of your car; many tend to try it at least once in a lifetime.

Here’s what you need to know before you start burning rubber:

1. First things first, get comfortable in your seat

Adjust your steering wheel correctly so that you can grip it with both hands easily. Adjust your seat to a low position. A little trick to have a good position, your two wrists should touch the edge of the upper steering wheel without your two shoulders coming off the seat.

2. Disconnect all driving aids

DSR, DSC, ESP… in short, all those names, forget them, otherwise, the wheels will never spin.

3. On the track

Once you’ve learned the track and tested your car’s limits, it’s time to get started. At moderate speed, before arriving on the first corner to drift, prepare your steering wheel and your foot on the acceleration. Several attempts will be necessary to find your marks.

4. When you are there…

Just at the entrance of the turn, steer fully in the direction of the turn then accelerate fully and steer in the other direction, this will free the rear of the car. This is the most important moment of the drift.

As you steer sharply in the direction of the turn, the car understeers, the rear wheels spin, and you’ll hear that pretty tire squeal. During this short moment, maintain this trickle of gas, then fully press the accelerator, which will prolong the drift.

5. Finishing

This step consists of finishing your drift as clean as possible. All this while keeping the car drifting, you will play on the accelerator and counter steering. The hardest part is to maintain a high speed in the turn to keep the car drifting.

No need to mention that you can’t drift anywhere or in your neighborhood, that is too dangerous on your and others’ lives.

There are certain places where people can try drifting. In the UAE,  there are many circuits like Red Bull Car Park Drift and Yas Marina circuit.

Spicing up your life is fun as long as you can still control the edgy activities and stay safe. Your life matters and your family must be your priority. So if you are a drifter or a reckless driver who is thinking of making a new family, it’s better to cash your car and buy a family-friendly one.

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