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Fitness Vibes – All you should know about the best personal trainers in Abu Dhabi

Fitness Vibes is a company in Abu Dhabi that specializes in personal training. Unlike the ordinary training methods, you can call our coaches and come to your preferred location (home, park, or gym). We have male and female coaches and we cover the entire emirate of Abu Dhabi. (Abu Dhabi andI Al Ain).

Last year we had over 250 clients, most of whom still practice with us. On average, our clients lost 4-6 kg per month with a balanced diet and training. Why are we different from others? Our coaches have a college education for a sports coach plus certificates for specific specializations. Also, we must have a nutritionist on the team. We have over ten years of successful experience within this industry. We focus on innovative and exciting approaches to fitness, our personal trainers come to you and they offer you personalized training.

Why choose us

If you choose to trust us and train with us, you will get extraordinary results, you will feel healthier and you will see objective results very fast. Don’t worry, you won’t starve, our nutritionist will protect you against exhausting diet regimes while offering you a balanced diet plan that will surely get you the most effective results. If you are searching for the best personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, take a look at our amazing Fitness Vibes team and you won’t regret it.

Our mission is not only to help you on your way to get the body you always dreamed of but also to solve any medical problems you maybe have, such as back pain or stress. Our trainers are very friendly and emphatic and they will also offer you emotional support.  We offer several types of training to satisfy all of our customers. You can choose 1 on 1 training with our hand-picked equipment and our amazing and competent personal trainers. If you prefer to work out with one more person, then duo training is the best choice for you. Many people like to train in a larger group, so we also offer that kind of training.  

You are safe with us

When a person appears for the first time with the desire to train, we provide him with the assessment of physical form and the measurement of the percentage of body fat. Our exercisers can easily communicate with the trainer and note when they experience pain or any other limitation during exercise. This is of the utmost importance because not a small number of people have been injured in group training or have had a bad experience while exercising at home or in the gym on their own. Some of the injuries, such as a ruptured Achilles tendon, can disable a person for movement for several months, and they occur during unprofessional training.

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