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How do movers and packers calculate the moving cost in UAE?

There are different strategies for calculating the final moving cost for houses and offices. Today we will explain in-depth here that how movers in Dubai give and calculate prices.

First of all moving company send a supervisor to the customer place like house or office. And he inspects all items for packing materials and asks the client about the transportation distance.

The prices are different based on the process of service. Sometimes the same quantity of items and the same transportation distance charges are different from each other.

Moving within the same building

If you just want to change your apartment in the same building and looking for the estimated price. Then keep reading you will get all the essential information about moving services here.

Moving within the same place is not costly as the transportation distance moving. You will get the prices according to the quantity of the items. The quotation will include the packing charges if there are fragile or expensive items that need to be packed.

Inspector will check if there is any work on stairs and for packing as well. You will get the price according to the quantity of your furniture and home appliances.

Sometimes customers have items in-house and they just want to move within in the same apartment like from one room to another. For this kind of work no need to pack the items and also load/unload to vehicles. The price will be just for carpenters and helpers not for packing materials and transportation as well.

Local moving in the same area

Moving within the same area like within 1 mile is easy and cheap than long-distance moving. You will get a cheaper price because there will be no such kind of packing strong. And the transportation and use of trucks as well. Moving companies in Dubai mostly use 1-ton grill pickup instead of 4 ton boxed covered truck.

If they use the small pickup and don’t use much packing materials then your price will be less as compared to long-distance and strong packing moving.

It’s easy for local moving to use small vehicles there is no benefit for the company but have benefits for the client because the moving company will not charge as high for the boxed covered truck.

Long loading distance and without elevator moving

Long loading distance means if there is a lot of distance for helpers to load the trucks. The charges for this type of moving will be a little higher than normal because it needs a lot of manpower and additional sources like small pickup and electric trolly.

The long-distance moving area is mostly in the tallest buildings in Dubai and there is a lot of distance from the elevator to the loading area. Which is very hard for helpers and the loading team to take the items on the fixed time.

Without loading/unloading elevator is also very hard to bring down heavy items like furniture and appliances. The moving company will offer a little higher price for this kind of moving as well.

Strong packing charges for storage

Packing for storage is different than the normal packing because everything here needs double packing in bubble roll, stretch roll, and carton roll as well. For this service, you will get the price offer for the only packing.

The price will be not higher as for full moving but based on the number of packing materials to be used here.

For the storage, everything should be packed properly like furniture and home appliances because it will take months in-store and we make sure that there will be no damage and dust in your expensive items once we pack.

Make sure that the price will be only for packing the items, not for the storage. If you need the storage also you have to check with the company. Storage companies in Dubai provide charges based on square feet per month.

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