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Pharmacy Career Conference returned in its 4th edition to assist and inspire pharmacy students and industry professionals

Pharmacy Career Conference Photo
Pharmacy Career Conference Photo – 2023

The Conference emphasized on non-traditional careers in the pharmaceutical sector.

Dubai, UAE (ARAB NEWSWIRE) – For students, recent graduates, and professionals, the Pharmacy Career Conference on February 11, 2023, offered a special opportunity to comprehend the latest trends in pharmaceuticals and develop a rewarding career in this crucial sector of healthcare. Students and pharmacy professionals were able to learn from industry veterans about tactics and success stories in pursuing non-traditional pharmacy career possibilities at the onsite conference.

Pharmacists’ conventional roles are being redefined by new fields which is why the attendees of the Pharmacy Career Conference had the chance to expand their understanding of such non-traditional employment prospects that are accessible in hospitals, communities, and industries.

About 400 attendees from important institutions and organizations in the region of students & professionals in the pharmaceutical field attended to hear from industry experts.

“Growing populations and potential pandemic dangers necessitate innovative thinking and non-traditional solutions, placing the pharmaceutical industry in a crucial transition period. The sole goal of the 4th edition of the Pharmacy Career Conference, which is organized with the aim of educating students and professionals in the area to be at the forefront of this transition and to also develop rewarding career opportunities for themselves”, according to Dr. Najiba Al Shezawy, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PRA Consultancy.

Dr. Mona Al Moussli, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of PRA Consultancy, also shared her thoughts by stating: “Your career starts with your vocation, the center-point of your passion in any angle of work. All pharmacy students, fresh graduates and fresh beginners in the pharmacy field must ensure to always rely on their skills and interests to decide their career path, to form actual growth in their experience.”

The conference offered professionals a significant opportunity to expand their knowledge in addition to supporting students in making educated career selections.

Expert speakers from a range of backgrounds spoke at the event and shared their experiences, expertise, and interesting examples on career transition, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the significance of skill enhancements as well as certifications that will act as a first step to the career planning.

Representatives from the supporting organizations and UAE based governmental entities, presented, and told the attendees about their success stories and share experiences. In addition, there was a recruitment consultant to guide the attendees and assist them in their career. UAE based colleges, universities and institutions were also present at the conference this year, including RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, Fatima College of Health Sciences, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Ajman University, Sharjah University, Gulf Medical University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Al Ain University who contributed to make this conference a success.

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