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Significance of Digital Certificates in UAE for Business Websites

Digital certificates are digital or electronic credentials that help verify and establish the owners’ identities during encrypted transactions whenever such data is shared. Digital certificates tie the certificate owner’s identity to two electronic encryption keys; one private and one public. Certifications services providers issue digital certificates; they corroborate the public key’s ownership and private key and certify that the actual certificate owner uses it. In a lay man’s language, it is similar to a passport, an identity. 

They have four essential functions –

  • Establish Identity
  • Verify Identity
  • Authenticate Digital Transactions
  • Enhance cybersecurity

There are three types of Digital Certificates  –

  • Client Certificate
  • Code Signing Certificate 
  • TLS/SSL Certificate

SSL certificates offer multilevel security features, and that makes them vital for online businesses. If you want to apply for a digital certificate or SSL Certificate UAE, you must apply to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority with valid documents. 

Benefits of Digital certificates

  • Digital certificates secure the privacy and identity of establishments. 
  • Digital certificates encrypt electronic communication to protect the data and prevent it from being leaked or stolen.
  • They also institute mutual non-repudiation, an assurance that the owner of a signature key pair cannot deny having signed and sent a message, data or transaction and that the receiver of such communication cannot deny receiving the same.
  • Digital certificate systems are automated, requiring hardly any action at the sender or receiver’s end.

Increased site security

Security is the biggest concern during online transactions, a fear that digital certificates allay. Digital certificates are easily the safest option for businesses in securing their data online. Digital certificates encrypt all communications both internal and external and prevent users from becoming cyberattack victims. They prevent scammers, hackers and phishers from accessing sensitive data. Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) certificates are an excellent example of digital certificates. They keep data safe by encrypting communications between the browser and the server. 

The data in question can be anything from signups, login details, personal details, addresses and payments etc. SSL certificates encrypt all connections and safeguard visitor specifics from being hacked and exploited. 

Strong Encryption

SSL uses Asymmetric and Symmetric Encryptions, which are cryptographic keys that format sensitive online data, making it unreadable to hackers. If you notice the URLs of websites, some start with an ‘http’, while others with an ‘https’. The ‘s’ indicates that the site has secure encryption; it is the certificate of assurance. Sites with secure encryption also display a padlock symbol on the address bar.

Browser Compatibility

SSL server certificates are compatible with most browsers and versions, such as –

  • Apple Safari 1.0+
  • Google Chrome 1.0+
  • Linux Web
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01+
  • Microsoft WebTV
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
  • Opera 7+
  • Red Hat Linux Konqueror
  • SeaMonkey 1.0+
  • Sony Playstation

Safety for all your subdomains

Can SSL certificates provide safety to the primary domain and its subdomains? The answer is yes, but you will need a specific SSL certificate the Wildcard SSL certificate to protect your website and all its subdomains. Wildcard SSL certificate is particularly beneficial to businesses that have websites that support several subdomains. You can get similar protection from standard SSL certificates, but each subdomain will require a different certificate. 

Credibility and trust for your customers

SSL certificates build and strengthen customers’ trust in businesses because of the security they provide. The URL in the address bar on the browsers displays the security padlock, a sign that your website is trustworthy and that the connection is secure. Customers to your website will know that there is no chance of their privacy being violated or their personal information being compromised. They will know that you are a sound, legal business, and it will build their confidence in you. Moreover, customers are more likely to return to secure websites and continue to do business with them. 

Some browsers may tag websites that do not have an SSL certificate as unsafe. It sends a warning message to users that the site is not safe. Customers choose to stay away from such sites. A site that does not use an SSL certificate will not gain customer trust and drive away prospective customers. 

SEO advantages

SSL certificates installed on websites impact their SEO ranking, giving them a slight advantage over other websites. HTTPS signifies secure communication over internet networks, and the Google search engines rank websites that have encrypted connections a little better. Even though the increase in rankings is marginal, it provides businesses leverage over businesses without digital certificates.

Helps you satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements

PCI/DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Service Standard. Businesses that receive online payments are required to be PCI compliant. The PCI DSS requires online companies to comply with 12 conditions. One of these conditions demands that companies “encrypt the transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks”. Digital certificates, SSL, do just that and have, therefore, become indispensable to online businesses.

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