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Top 5 Skills of a Professional Legal Translator

The law includes many different activities, from the drawing up of the regulations and rules to the contracting of agreements between individuals, all of which need to be recorded in a written form. Furthermore, each of these activities is in some way connected with the imposition of obligations and the conferring of rights. Besides, a legal document must take the greatest pains to ensure that it says exactly what the draftsman wants it to say and at the same time gives no opportunities for misinterpretation. Undoubtedly it is often said that legal translation is perplexing and complex. In essence, the nature of law and legal language contributes to the complexity of legal translation. Facing the complications arising from crossing two languages and legal systems in translation is also considered a great obstacle. Below, we will equip the Legal Translators in Abu Dhabi with the skills and knowledge they need to level up the quality of their Translation services in Abu Dhabi. Apart from this, In Alsun Translation Services we ensure that our legal translators follow the following applicable procedure in the process of translation.

Linguistic characteristics of the legal language:

Legal Translators in the translation office in Abu Dhabi should be aware of English and Arabic Legalese. Because  of  the  nature  and  function of law, the legal language has developed particular  linguistic  features like: lexical, syntactic and pragmatic to fulfill the demands of the law. Legal lexicon is full of archaic words, formal and ritualistic usage, word strings, words of over-precision. It’s also characterized by an impersonal style, with the extensive use of declarative sentences pronouncing rights and obligations.

Features of English and Arabic Legal Languages:

Translation offices in Abu Dhabi should be aware of the contrastive comparison between English and Arabic legalese. Legal vocabulary is different from everyday vocabulary and is generally archaic.  In English, there are an abundant number of terms originating from Latin and French; whereas legal Arabic grew out of literary language and became more sophisticated with the development of its literary counterpart. In fact, there was no clear-separation between legal, religious, linguistic and literary style in Arabic Language.

The technical nature of legal language:

Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi requires legal translators to put the technical aspect of legal languages into their consideration when handling a legal text. Moreover, Legal language is a technical language that often operates in a context that makes legal terms have meanings different from those they bear in non-legal contexts of use.

The normative nature of legal language:

Legal translator should know that legal language is a normative language. The normative language of law derives from the fact that law has the basic function in society of guiding human behavior and regulating human relations.

The performativity nature of legal language:

Translation offices in Abu Dhabi should be aware of The  performativity  use  of language is not  exclusive to law, but law relies heavily on performativity utterances. Legal effects and legal consequences are commonly obtained by uttering certain words, for instance, ‘You are guilty!’, or ‘You are fined with 100 AED’ as normally pronounced in court.

The previous skills are applied among other rules in Alsun Translation Services to guarantee the highest quality of translation. Importantly, Legal translation is a type of specialist or technical translation. Also, Legal translation involves translation from one legal system into another. And it involves different legal text types.

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