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Wahyd Expands Tech-Enabled Logistics Platform to Saudi Arabia

Wahyd Group
Wahyd Group

SAUDI ARABIA — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Wahyd Group Inc, the leading technology company has announced the opening of its offices in Saudi Arabia, their second office in the GCC region.

Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), Wahyd has expanded its comprehensive technological solutions to streamline road freight transportation in Saudi Arabia, to make logistics more efficient, open, and transparent for all stakeholders.

Wahyd’s cutting-edge technology empowers transporters and shippers. Its solution allows enterprises and individual customers to directly communicate with small truckers and get the best possible rates without much hassle.

Wahyd’s proprietary technology allows it to eventually become the largest and most diverse fleet in the region. This technology can serve all types of orders, allowing the organization to have access to almost the entire market.

Wahyd’s territorial growth and geographical expansion started from South Asia. Its solution successfully traveled through Central Asia and is now expanding across the Gulf region.

The conglomerate’s expansion it GCC’s market underscores its commitment to expand its reach to help businesses in the region adopt innovative technologies that will streamline their operations.

With its world-class services and solutions, Wahyd is well poised to become a key player in the GCC’s logistics sector.

About Wahyd Group

Wahyd Group Inc. is a Delaware, USA, based for profit, social enterprise which has mobilized digital technology to facilitate the growing multitrillion dollar global logistics industry. This long sought addition is revolutionizing within and around the logistics industry which, in most of the world, is still being run with conventional strategies and non-technology tools.

Wahyd Group

Ali Tahir, Global Marketing Manager


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