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Who are the founders of Cryptocurrency?

The appreciation of Cryptocurrency in recent years has attracted global attention, and the growth of one hundred to one thousand times has given investors who believe in Cryptocurrency a complete victory. So as the founders of the more famous Cryptocurrencies, who are they? Which top Cryptocurrencies have been created?

Bitcoin, with a market value of 889.5 billion and a global transaction volume of 60.1 billion, is recognized as the gold of Cryptocurrency. There are different opinions about the identity of the inventor of Bitcoin “Satoshi Nakamoto”, and it is still a mystery. He controls the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. . As for why “Satoshi Nakamoto” concealed his identity, everyone is still thinking about it. So far, there is no real answer!

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, who is a genius boy born in 1994 and worth over 100 millions. Because he was obsessed with World of Warcraft, he made Space Invaders himself at the age of 10. He became a writer in this area at the age of 17 because he was curious about Bitcoin, and received 5 Bitcoins for each article. At the age of 20, he dropped out of school and published the Ethereum white paper, which was passed through ICO. Raised 18 million US dollars. It is conservatively estimated that he currently has 500,000 ETH, and the current market value of one ETH is $2,000.

Ripple (XRP), a close rival to Ethereum, put Chris Larsen, who is the controller of the for-profit organization Ripple, into the top ten of the Forbes rich list. Larsen is an angel investor and entrepreneur. In 1996, he founded the first online lending service company that provides customer credit scores. In 2012, he established OpenCoin, the predecessor of Ripple Labs. Larsen owns 15.6 billion XRP. If the price reaches 1 dollar, he may have a wealth of over 15.6 billion US dollars.

Charlie Lee, a Chinese American who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was inspired by Bitcoin while working at Google and developed a faster and cheaper Litecoin. His brother Bobby Lee is the CEO of Bitcoin China. Compared with the founders of other currencies, Charlie Lee doesn’t have much Litecoin in his hands due to the initial disclosure of his identity and source code. He has also left Coinbase to focus on Litecoin optimization and Blockchain investment.

Eaglechain is known as Ethereum No.2, and the elite team behind it is indispensable. The EC full name Eagle Coin launched by Eaglechain was developed by Dubai Trans Reach International Group, one of its heavyweight founders is Emily Guo. As the CEO of Eaglechain, she also participated in the development of the Bank of Gambia’s Blockchain, known as the Blockchain future star. Emily Guo firmly believes that the use of scientific methods to prove the security of the Blockchain can better protect the safety of investors.

Stellar (XLM) is a digital currency project initiated by former Ripple founder Jed McCaleb. can be used to establish a decentralized gateway for the transmission between digital currency and legal currency. JedMcCaleb founded eDonkey in 2000, which is one of the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks at that moment. He known as the father of eDonkey, and founded Mt.Gox in 2010. He is currently the co-founder of OpenCoin.

EOS grapefruit with a market value of 15.8 billion dollars is a Blockchain architecture platform similar to the operating system developed by the Blockchain wizard Daniel Larimer. Daniel Larimer is a rumored BM. At present, he is the only person in the world who has successfully developed three Blockchain-based projects in a row. He is also the co-founder of Bitshares, Steem and EOS.

IOTA is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the Internet of Things. The founder Dominik Schiener is the chairman of the IOTA Foundation. The goal of the IOTA Fund is to create a machine economy. Schiener said that 100% of his net assets are in IOTA tokens, and he has not received any salary from the foundation. He just hopes to go all out to make it bigger.

Blockchain has been recognized by the world, whether individuals, companies, banks or governments are using Blockchain technology.

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