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Educational Certificate Attestation

Why should you attest your Educational Certificates for UAE?

UAE is among the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to business opportunities, migration for working and in general relocation for various people such as ex-pats. The country offers many lucrative opportunities in every sphere. However, getting work or enrolling in higher education requires you to submit your educational documents. And, all the educational documents require attestation by the State Home Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country, for being used internationally.

Hence, if you are planning to move to the UAE, for work, higher studies, business, we recommend completing your document attestation. The attestation proves the authenticity of your educational documents and is mandatory for using these documents in UAE. Attestation also proves that you are the original owner of these certificates.

Here, we discuss how to complete an educational certificate attestation in UAE, and why you should get it done before leaving your country.

Certificate Attestation in UAE – Process:

You can initiate the certificate attestation online by yourself, or you can take help from a company that offers attestation services in UAE as well. These companies offer attestation services for a variety of documents, such as educational documents, commercial documents, and personal documents.

If you choose a company for attestation, all you have to do is, submit your original documents and pay for the attestation services. All the documents will be returned to you once they are attested.

Documents required for attestation:

  • Passport Copy
  • Original Educational Documents (mark sheets, certificates and diploma etc)
  • Generally, the educational document registration process has the following steps:
  • First, the degrees and other educational certificates are attested by the State Home Department of the state concerned.
  • Next, these documents are passed on to the MOFA or Ministry of External Affairs of India for second level authentication.
  • In the next step, you have to visit the Consulate for the final verification. After this, the attestation process is complete.
  • After this verification, all your documents are returned to you and can take them home.

As the process is tedious and comprises many steps, of which even a single wrong step would require a re-initiation, opting for an attestation agency is a better alternative. However, we recommend doing proper background research and then opt for a company.

Reasons to attest educational degrees for UAE

1. Ensures the document credibility

This is the primary reason to get your certificates attested. Once they are verified by the State Government, Foreign Ministry and handed over to the Embassy of UAE, it is confirmed that they are authentic and that you are the rightful owner of these educational documents. With such credibility, you can easily use them in Dubai for any purpose – higher education and jobs.

2. Documents can be used legally

As the documents are verified for international usage, they are legally acceptable and the local authorities – private and governmental can easily process them without a hiccup. So, you can easily apply for the vacancies that are announced from time to time. You can also leverage any opportunities such as special certificate courses, higher education, and part-time gigs, etc.

Next, we discuss how Apostille and authentication vary.

Attestation and Apostille – What is the difference?

Authentication or Attestation is the act of confirming the authenticity of a person or a document. The document authentication verifies the originality of the document by tracing it back to its origin. The authentication process varies across the countries, and also depends on the type of certificate.

On the other hand, the apostille is affixed by a competent department that is properly designated by the State Government, which is also a party to the Hague Convention. Some of the authorities involved in apostille include courts, ministries, and embassies.

If you are going to use a document issued anywhere other than UAE while you are in UAE, you have to get the document attested. If you are planning to use documents in the member countries of the Hague Convention, you require an apostille.

Miscellaneous points of importance:

  • All the countries have different marking standards and end-term credit calculation systems. Hence, your mark sheets might require conversion into transcripts as per the education system regulations in UAE.
  • We recommend getting them done and attested as well. This way, you can use them as and when required in UAE with ease.

Document attestation is an essential and crucial process that is mandatory for all types of documents, apart from educational documents. Some examples include personal documents, business documents and commercial documents, etc. The attestation fee for every document is different and we recommend reading the guidelines and latest updates in the attestation procedure on the official government websites to avoid errors.

We hope the information shared here proves helpful to all our readers. For more detailed information and specific guidance, please leave your comments.

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