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5 Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops

You’ll be Shocked by these 5 Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops

Summer sun and sandy beaches – it’s what dreams are made of. And for the residents of Dubai, this is the reality all year round. So it really comes as no surprise that flip flops feature everywhere and are often considered to be a Dubai fashion staple.

Living in Dubai conjures up many images. Surf, beach cocktails, golf, shopping, pretty loose-fitting dresses, board shorts, oversized floppy hats, golden tans, glamorous VIP parties, and of course, flip flops!

Yes, your trusty flip flops, whether they’re Havaianas flip flops or another designer footwear variation were made for it all. Forget your teetering heels or your enclosed sneakers; it’s all about being minimalist, comfortable, fun, easy, and oh-so-chic because as you know that’s how everyone in Dubai rolls.

The great thing about living in Dubai is that it’s almost always beach weather, no matter the time of year, which of course means that you most likely have an arsenal of beach supplies and comfortable chic summer-inspired outfits at the ready. Sunscreen, oversized designer sunglasses, bikinis, cool beach headwear, breezy kaftans, the latest copy of your favourite fashion magazine, and of course fashionable flip flops; yes, you probably have it all! But on some occasions, people forget the benefits of flip flops and forgo comfort for the sake of fashion – BIG mistake, especially in a place like Dubai, where the sweltering temperatures can leave you with swollen feet and a lot of unnecessary discomforts.

When living in a place like Dubai, flip flops are a must – everyone’s wearing them. And if this isn’t enough, here are 5 benefits of wearing flip flops.

1. They’re Easy!

Havaianas flip flops, or flip flops in general, are easy, there’s no denying it. With their simple design that you can easily slide your feet into, your feet can breathe. With flip flops, there’s no discomfort, there’s no sweating, and there aren’t any straps, buckles or other embellishments that make slipping into the world’s favourite footwear a challenge.

2. Sweat-free Feet

And breathe! Flip flops for health purposes? Yes, you read correctly! This comfortable beach footwear allows your feet to breathe, unlike sneakers or heels. The combination of sunlight and air hitting your feet and toes means that your feet won’t sweat or be prone to fungal or bacterial infections.

3. Namaste

On the subject of health and flip flops, it’s fair to say they’re also relaxing. There’s simply nothing more calming and satisfying than finishing a long day and slipping into something a little more comfortable, footwear included. The idea alone puts you and your feet at ease. In fact, the overall design and aesthetics of a pair of flip flops are enough to make you feel more relaxed. Ultimately, you’ll also be able to relax your mind, and if you’re the meditating type, find your Zen. And if this isn’t enough to convince you that the mental health benefits of flip flops are a thing, this will – cognitive psychology researchers from Northwestern University in the US have recently discovered a link between the psyche and apparel and how clothing has the ability to affect both our psychological states and performance levels.

4. Comfort First

Flip flops are comfortable, end of. When you buy high-quality flip flops like Havaianas, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Sturdy rubber with reliable grip are two elements that help flip flops live up to their title of the best summer shoe. There’s no itching or chafing, and the soft cushioned soles ensure your feet are well-rested during the day. Whether you’re poolside lazing on sun loungers with a cocktail in hand, meandering promenade boutiques, dancing the night away at a beach bar or even doing your weekly supermarket shop, wearing a pair of comfortable flip flops can, and will, make all the difference to your everyday life in Dubai.

5. Flip Flops for Every Occasion

While the general design of flip flops is simple, they do come in a plethora of designs and colours to complement any style or need. Havaianas flip flops are the perfect example. Coming in a range of colours from vibrant eye-popping hues to your basic more subdued shades, there are also a variety of designs that will take you from the beach right to a high-end restaurant whether it’s in the form of a basic thong sandal or a studded metallic flip flop, there’s seriously a flip flop design for everyone. And because there’s such a wide variety and they don’t take up any room in your apartment or villa, they become even more appealing.

Flip Flops for the Win

Whether you’re purchasing flip flops in Dubai for your everyday life or to wear to a trendy Dubai terrace restaurant or flip flops for foot health and meditation purposes, be sure to browse our wide range of sandals and Havaianas flip flops.

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