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Arab Newswire™ Press Release Distribution to Media in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) on Low and High Tier PR Plans

Arab Newswire, Press Release Distribution to media in Arab World, Middle East and North Africa
Arab Newswire™

Dubai, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — It is the beginning of the year, and many businesses or organizations are budgeting for press release distribution (PR) to reach media that serve target audiences in the Arab world, Middle East and North Africa. As organizations work on their budgets, some will consider low tier while others will consider high tier PR plans to achieve desired results.

Budgeting for press release distribution

There are plethora of press release distribution firms that offer divers pricings. What to consider in budgeting is not what these firms offer but rather how much a company is willing to spend for specific results. Considering low or high tier PR plans may help achieve desired outcomes.

Results vary among organizations. For example, if a company intends to inform the public about its presence, products or services or for the sake of branding, the cost may differ from another organization with the intention to achieve a specific number of sales in a given period.

Press release distribution for branding.

Sending out a press release for the purpose of branding may not require the need to use a vertical press release distribution firm that specializes in targeting.  Purchasing a low tier press release plan, for example, that comes with search engine optimized features for Google, Bing and Yahoo, may suffice for branding but not necessarily help in achieving specific and target outcomes.

Press release distribution to achieve target outcomes.

To achieve specific sales with a press release distribution, it makes sense to target audiences who are interested in a particular product or service. Hence, an organization may want to look at top tier press release distribution plans or reach out to vertical press release distribution services that specialize in specific industries or regions.  These services charge more because, over time, they have researched and accumulated targeted media contacts in different sectors of industries. It costs money to build, manage and update databases.

In conclusion, a business with small budget may use low tier press release distribution plans for branding. This means a business of any size can achieve branding by using low tier PR plans to publish and distribute press releases across the web.   Meanwhile, an organization with intention to reach specific industries or regions may want to consider high tier PR plans.  Arab Newswire™ offers both plans. To submit press releases with low or high tier press release distribution plans, to

About Arab Newswire ™

Arab Newswire™ is a commercial newswire service with press release distribution to media outlets in GCC countries, the Arab world, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The newswire service publishes and distributes press releases in Arabic, English and French. Other services include writing and editing press releases, consulting and media planning.  Arab Newswire™ is a sister site to EmailWire™ that provides Press Release Distribution with Guaranteed Results™.

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