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Citibank – Tips for maximizing rewards on Citi Cash Back® credit card

DUBAI, UAE (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Many different types of credit cards in the UAE offer exciting perks and rewards, but when it comes to convenience, cash back credit cards are hard to beat. Instead of offering air miles or rewards points, cash back credit cards provide cash rebate on eligible expenses, which is automatically credited to the card account and used to offset the outstanding balance.

Consumers looking for a fuss-free cash back credit card can consider the Citi Cash Back® credit card, which offers up to 3% cash back on everyday spend with no minimum spending requirements, retail purchase exclusions, and cash back caps.

Tips to maximize rewards on the Citi Cash Back credit card

To make the most of the Citi Cash Back credit card, cardholders must familiarize themselves with its benefits and features. Keep reading to find out handy tips on maximizing the card’s reward features.

  1. 3% cash back on non-AED spend

Avid globetrotters and business travellers can take advantage of this generous rebate and make the most of their international retail transactions with the Citi Cash Back credit card.

  1. 2% cash back on groceries

Cardholders can look forward to significant savings when they use the Citi Cash Back credit card for their routine supermarket sprees.

  1. 1% cash back on all other spends

Not exactly big on grocery purchases? No problem. Cardholders can still earn a cool 1% cash back on all other eligible retail transactions.

  1. No minimum spending requirements

With the Citi Cash Back credit card, cardholders can earn cash rebates without having to worry about reaching the minimum spending requirement. There are also no retail purchase exclusions and no cash back caps – which means there is no limit to the amount of cash back one can earn (for spends within the credit limit).

  1. Hassle-free cash back redemption

No complicated processes are required to redeem cash back on the Citi Cash Back credit card – cash rebate is automatically credited to the cardholder’s account to offset the outstanding balance. It’s simple as that!

  1. Unlimited access to airport lounges worldwide

On top of cash back perks, cardholders can look forward to unlimited access to more than 1,100 exclusive airport lounges across the globe, making the deal even sweeter for frequent travellers.

  1. No annual fees

Citi Cash Back credit cardholders can expect an annual fee waiver in the first year, which means even more significant savings. From the second year onwards, cardholders can continue to enjoy annual fee waivers upon reaching the minimum annual spend of AED 9,000.

The Citi Cash Back credit card is perfect for shoppers in the UAE who do not wish to be restricted by minimum spending requirements, retail purchase exclusions, and cash back caps. Apply for the Citi Cash Back credit card now to start earning attractive cash rebates on everyday spends.

About Citibank UAE

Citibank UAE offers consumers and institutions a range of financial products and services, including consumer and investment banking, credit cards, and personal loans. Citibank UAE aims to deliver holistic and innovative solutions to clients and meet the increasingly complex strategies of its regional client base in the Middle East in an ever-changing financial landscape.


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