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Creta, Thomas Vu, and Lloyds Investment Group Join Forces to Launch $1 Billion Fund, Accelerating Global Growth of Web3 Game Industry

Creta, Thomas Vu, and Lloyds Investment Group Join Forces
Creta, Thomas Vu, and Lloyds Investment Group Join Forces

DUBAI, UAE (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Creta, the leading Triple-A quality metaverse gaming platform, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Lloyds Investment Group, a globally recognized private investment fund headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Thomas Vu, the former executive producer behind League of Legends and Netflix’s Arcane.

“Lloyds Investment Group”, with a primary focus on the energy, infrastructure, technology, and real estate sectors, is now exploring opportunities to expand its presence in the digital economy and digital content sector. This collaboration involves the establishment of a new fund, currently sized at $1 billion, as well as contributing efforts to assist Creta in establishing robust networks.

Also by leveraging strategic partnerships with global financial powerhouses, major corporations and Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds affiliated with Lloyds Investment Group, Creta will expand its business to play a pivotal role in its vast ecosystem. This collaboration underscores Creta’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in the Web3 gaming market across the MENA region.

The new fund will offer high-potential developers and content providers the opportunity to access funding for innovative Fintech, digital content, and AI technology development, which can drive success on the Creta Platform. The launch of the USD$1 billion Fund reflects the recognition of the growing importance of the gaming and digital industry, with the belief that WEB3.0 contents and technology will shape future social interactions, leisure activities, and work dynamics on the Creta Platform. It is envisioned that games will form integral components of the Creta Multiverse and Platform, presenting opportunities beyond the current $300 billion gaming industry.”

Locus Chain, a pioneering blockchain protocol, renowned for its revolutionary approach in replacing central game servers, is joining the newly established fund. By aligning with this initiative, Locus Chain reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth alongside Creta’s partners.

In addition to its exceptional technical and creative prowess, Creta has garnered recognition for its immense potential through collaborations with industry luminaries such as Yoshiki Okamoto, renowned for his work on Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike, and Thomas Vu, the Executive Producer behind League of Legends and Netflix’s Arcane.

About Creta

Creta is a Web3-based multiverse gaming platform headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with a team of developers, publishers, and blockchain experts who have made a name for themselves in the global gaming industry. These include Ray Nakazato, a respected producer in the Japanese and global gaming industry, Alexander Harutyunyan, former CEO of European game publisher INNOVA, and CCR’s Seokho Yoon, who developed Korea’s national game Fortress. The partnership with Okamoto, the legendary game designer behind Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike, which have collectively generated trillions of dollars in revenue, and Thomas Vu, producer of League of Legends and Emmy Award winner for Arcane, is expected to result in a world-class lineup of Web3 game titles.

Creta is comprised of four parts: the endlessly scalable Creta Multiverse, the Creta Game Platform (CGP), which powers a wide range of Web2 and Web3 games, Creta Studio, where anyone can create high-quality games and content, and Creta SuperClub, the Web3 community that connects the entire Creta platform. Creta Multiverse is in the process of implementing an ultra-large-scale multiverse (three metaverses to be opened sequentially) that will allow many different metaverses to combine and expand upon each other and aims to be the only Web3 platform in the world with photorealistic visuals. The Creta Multiverse is designed to be a one-stop shop for various content services and ecosystems, including games in the MMORPG, Battle Royale, and casual genres, rather than separate executions. Creta SuperClub is the first service that allows users to fully own the data of their community within the legal framework. The rights to clubs and posts are technically NFTized, allowing NFT owners, such as operators and members, to own, trade, sell, acquire, and merge. It is also a truly decentralized community service where information about each club member is not stored on a specific server but is all on-chain. This allows influencers to manage their fans without being locked into a platform. Creta is currently listed on CoinMarketCap as Creta World.

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