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Free Access to Video Courses from Omooma

Omooma Courses in English
Omooma Courses in English

Omooma, the first Arab platform that seeks to help the mothers through video content by experts and doctors, grants free access for 1 month for all courses.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) – In early 2022, a group of innovative entrepreneurs decided to create “Omooma” the first platform of its kind designed to be a mother’s guide about pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare through visual and written content presented by experts and doctors in a format that is the first of its kind in the region.

Omooma has announced the start of a free month-long access to all video courses from June 12, 2023, to July 13, 2023.

These video courses include many useful topics that interest mothers, such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, nutrition, beauty, fashion, exercise, financial planning, and many valuable tips that enable mothers to better manage their lives.

Studies of the e-learning market for 2022 indicate that it is one of the fastest and largest growing sectors, due to the total lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this development and growth in the field of e-learning, the needs of Arab women for interactive e-learning have not been met.

Research has shown that Arab women are less likely to undergo breast cancer screening than other populations, with some studies reporting rates as low as 4% in certain Arab countries.

Therefore, it has become necessary to provide mothers access to reliable health and medical information so that they can take care of their children.

This led to the conception of the first Arab platform of its kind to help mothers through video courses specialized on pregnancy, fetal growth, childbirth, labor pain management, different birth plans, postpartum care, health tips related to the menstrual cycle, relationship with their spouse, nutrition, fashion & beauty, exercise, financial planning, party planning, and more.

Also, a guide to caring for your baby in the first year, that includes breastfeeding, its benefits, the best ways to facilitate it, exploring the various challenges, when to introduce solid foods, and help mothers to develop a sleep routine.

Mahra Mohamed, a subscriber, said, “I didn’t know what was the right food for me, or the right exercise. I had no idea about the costs of childbirth and pregnancy, and even when I asked people around me, the answers were different. Until I found this wonderful course provided by the best experts and doctors. The course helped my husband and I to prepare together for this wonderful journey.”

“Having a platform for everything related to mother and woman to take care of herself, her health, and her baby, and all the information is available in Arabic, and also all the information is trusted by doctors and experts,” said Sarah Barhoush, TV Presenter and mother of four.

Women who are looking for authentic Arabic content can register for the “Omooma” platform today through and enjoy the free access available on the different courses.

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