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8 Things To Avoid While Filling Out the UAE Visa Application

Before applying for the United Arab Emirates visa, analyze required documents, qualification criteria, and certificate attestations. It’s imperative to do your homework and ensure a smooth progression from start to finish.

The success rate of visa sanctions is contingent on several factors. From the specific country requirements to the reason you’re applying for the UAE visa, several critical components significantly impact visa requests. But sometimes, simple errors can get your visa application denied.

Candidates interested in obtaining a visa for UAE must consider the necessary information and documents required as per the nature of visa applications. Whether you’re requesting a family, education, medical, labor card, or business visa, keep in mind that the information you find online isn’t always sufficient. If you submit your request at the nearest UAE embassy, it’s recommended to get in touch with one of their representatives or contact a UAE attestation company.

Continue reading this comprehensive blog to learn about the most common errors UAE visa candidates must avoid when filling out their applications.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your UAE Visa Application

Applying for a visit or work visa is an annoyance-free course that necessitates you to fill an application form and provide the essential documents such as scanned copies of your permit, solicitation letter from a host in UAE, return tickets (for visitors), among many others. Get in touch with your PRO, document attestation service provider, or PRO for more details.

While it is a seamless process, there are chances your application might get rejected. And here are eleven reasons why:

1.  Mismatched Information

A person applying for a UAE visa online

When filling in a visa form, applicants must provide all the information requested, in the specified format, as per their travel papers.

Filling incorrect personal and professional information and particulars on the visa claim form – such as the name or passport number or date of birth not appearing the same as in the passport, are common blunders.

This mistake might seem too evident, yet many individuals tend to write information that doesn’t match their authorized documents or identity proof. For example, if a person has their first name and last name mentioned in the reverse order in the official papers, saying it the other way in the visa application will result in immediate rejection.

2.  Not Getting Financial Documents Attested

A credit card holder

It’s essential to provide verified bank statements to imitate your pecuniary bandwidth for travel, residence, education, or business in the Emirates. It also reflects your credit hygiene for opening bank accounts and investing in the UAE.

Certain countries require visa candidates to submit their duly attested bank declarations. While it’s common to submit bank documents, many travelers and migrants aren’t aware of this obligation. And therefore, they don’t get their bank statements attested, leading to a delay in approvals.

3. Providing Incomplete Family Information

When applying for a family UAE visa, an important point to remember is that kids who are traveling with you to the Emirates require their access and can’t enter the region on your permit.

You need to apply for a visa for each of them. That is why if you’re planning to relocate with children, you must provide their documents and information such as a copy of passport, recent photos, and a birth certificate in English or Arabic, all duly attested. If the paper needs to be interpreted, it should be done via an official translator.

4.  Not Mentioning a Previously Obtained UAE Visa

A tourist taking pictures at an airport in the UAE

If you obtained a UAE residence visa previously and left the country without withdrawing it, the next application might not be approved. Similarly, if a candidate had applied for a tourist, employment, or student visa but did not enter the country, they must get in touch with PRO, an attestation company, or a sponsor to accelerate the visa approval process.

5. Overlooking Previous Criminal Charges

Visa applicants with preceding criminal offense, fraud, or misconduct committed in the UAE or another country are often denied their visa applications. Before you travel to the UAE, it’s essential to ensure that you have a valid passport and visa. It’s also necessary to ensure that your access has validity for a minimum period. Holders of non-standard permits and travel papers may also have altered entry requests.

6.  Erroneous Information

Visa applications with misprinting or typo errors of name, passport number, and occupation code are delayed in getting sanction or denying the movement permit.

7.  Attaching Unclear Photographs

If the photographs in passports or other documents aren’t clear, blurred, or too old when attached in the online UAE immigration system, the approval might get overdue or precluded.

8.  Forgetting the Prominence of Document Attestation for UAE Visa

Benchmark Attestation for UAE visa application

Applying for a UAE visa also requires a certificate and degree attestation. For instance, a Canadian citizen’s certificates or documents, who are relocating to Dubai, shall require attestation and approval from an authorized service provider and the UAE embassy operating Canada.

Similarly, a UAE resident is also obligated to submit documents attested by the home government when planning to visit or relocate to another country. Many agencies offer marriage certificates, birth documents, MOFA attestation, and degree attestation services in the UAE through online channels.

Certificate attestation refers to the verification of critical and essential educational, non-educational, and business documents that would be required to enter the UAE for business, employment, higher education, or immigration purposes. It is a central duty that needs to be assumed to avoid any difficulties and refusal of the UAE visa application.

Why is Document Attestation Important for UAE Visa Applicants?

Individuals applying for any visa group such as service visa, commercial, visit, or family visa, etc., should avail of certificate attestation services. For instance, someone visiting UAE for new job opportunities is required to attain a work visa; they will have to get their educational and private papers verified from the UAE embassy. The local and the UAE government will not proceed with a UAE visa application if the candidate fails to provide duly attested official forms.

The author of this post is a long-time, experienced resident of the UAE and a contributor for Benchmark Attestation in Dubai that offers well-timed UK, US, Australian, and Italian degree attestation for UAE visas.

Benchmark Attestation Services is an attestation company based in Dubai. To equivocate visa denial, applicants need to know the Dubai visa process appropriately. If you don’t have time to assess the UAE visa process, get in touch with Benchmark Attestation, a leading attestation service provider. They have a team of up-to-date experts with years of knowledge and experience. The company offers complete Document attestation services for expatriates relocating to the UAE.

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