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The Role Of Aesthetix In The UAE Telecom Industry

Managed network services are the most popular these days. The abundance of new technology in the telecom industry makes seamless integration a complex matter, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. The telecom framework mix market is supposed to develop from US$16.56 billion in 2017 to US$25.16 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 8.7% during the estimated time frame.

Telecom providers want to seamlessly integrate their IT infrastructure and network with cutting-edge cloud solutions in a market driven by the growing need to manage cloud and migration activities. However, telecom system integration services are affected by difficulties due to high maintenance costs and time requirements.

In UAE, for the oil and gas industry, telecom system integration encompasses the provision of end-to-end solutions for telecommunication, fire, and gas detection systems. Aesthetix offers turnkey solutions and engineering services for all of your telecom requirements, including but not limited to the integration of multiplatform systems and reliable, comprehensive solutions for pipeline monitoring and maintenance.

Large-scale offshore, onshore, and pipeline communication projects are provided by Aesthetix, the UAE’s leading telecom system integrator for the oil and gas industry. We have a lot of experience providing a wide range of telecom services to the oil and gas industry, including project management, procurement, logistics, design, engineering, construction, SAT, and other related services. We can meet the needs of telecom solution providers on a local, national, and international scale thanks to our extensive experience as an engineering service provider and telecom system integrator in the United Arab Emirates.

Connecting telecommunications in a safe, cost-effective, and risk-free manner

At Aesthetix, we are committed to providing safe, cost-effective, and risk-free services and solutions for telecom system integration. Above all else, we are trailblazers, dedicated to finding telecom coordination arrangements that don’t think twice about security, maintainability, effectiveness, or economy. Our innovative and dynamic solutions, developed by utilizing the most recent technologies to ensure minimal risk and costs, have earned us respect and a good reputation.

Telecom System Integration in Oil & Gas Sector

Aesthetix is a profoundly qualified media transmission arrangements supplier with comprehensive experience and worldwide capacities, working in turnkey telecom projects for the oil and gas industry. We have been at the forefront of developing communication solutions for more than a decade, focusing on making our customers’ operations more effective, secure, and profitable.

Below given are some of the key systems we provide:


Aesthetix uses its ability to give tailor-made arrangements from straightforward neighborhood organizations to advancements including MPLS, ATM, Edge Transfer, and X.25 for availability over longer distances and geological areas.

Structure Cabling & Radio

Passive elements and IPLMS solutions are in good hands with Aesthetix when it comes to providing robust, future-proof Radio Aesthetix looks at the needs of the client and offers cost-effective solutions. It also conducts in-house coverage studies to provide the entire portfolio of radio solutions, including those for the marine, aerospace, and Tetra Systems industries.


Utilizing satellite communication, VSAT Aesthetix ensures that our clients are connected even in the most remote locations. Our solution provides a redundant communication link for critical services, taking into account bandwidth constraints and the existing submarine (or land-based) FO infrastructure.

PABX & Hotline 

Aesthetix engineers are ready to deploy field equipment for hazardous areas and central PBX systems with interfaces to other subsystems, regardless of whether the customer requires a VOIP, analog, hybrid, or hotline switching system.


Utilizing the characteristics of DWDM, DWDM / OTN Aesthetix transmits IP, ATM, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet at various speeds over an optical channel. This offering guarantees our clients’ necessities for high transmission capacity are future-prepared.


With an array of transmission speeds accessible, Aesthetix sees each undertaking the necessity of sending top-notch SDH/PDH frameworks from coastal plants and pipeline foundations to seaward establishments.

CATV / Entertainment

Our Project Leads ensure that “the extra step” is taken to provide world-class entertainment solutions, including traditional SMATV and IPTV, because CATV / Entertainment Aesthetix understands that customers take the welfare of their personnel seriously.

Central Clock Systems 

Aesthetix provides electronic systems with synchronization and central control of all clocks used in public transportation. Our framework involves a GPS-based focal clock unit and simple and computerized tickers associated with it that are synchronized to electronic frameworks like Crisis Declaration, CCTV, and Traveler Data.

Security and Safety CCTV

The extensive analog, IP, and hybrid CCTV portfolio that Aesthetix offers for both safe and hazardous environments, as well as third-party integration through ONVIF and other subsystems, ensure that our customers have a wide range of options. For ease of conceptualization, in-house coverage studies are prepared to evaluate the offered CCTV system’s effectiveness.

Access Control Frameworks

Aesthetix engineers provide a list of actual access control frameworks comprehensive of human access and vehicular admittance to its clients. Aesthetix has the unrivalled technical expertise, whether standard door control, turnstile, or crash-rated (PAS/K12-rated) vehicle access.

Public Address General Alarm

Aesthetix always has a solution for ensuring the safety of the customer’s personnel, whether it’s simple announcement systems or complex A+B redundant systems with field equipment placed in hazardous environments. To determine whether the field equipment is adequate, in-house coverage studies are prepared that take all parameters into account.

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