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Tools Used by Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Dubai

5 Tools Used By The Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Dubai That Aren’t Google!

Some of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai rely on multiple tools to develop dynamic marketing strategies for their customers. Most business owners believe these are limited to Google AdWords and Google Keyword Planner, but it is not so. Google tools are specific to a search engine i.e. Google.

Therefore, to get the edge and become Dubai’s best digital marketing agency, you must use multiple tools. We’ve compiled a list of 5 simple tools that you can use to upgrade your strategy for the upcoming quarter.

Sprout Social – Social media management tool

Sprout Social is a powerful social media management platform that can control all the accounts of a business. The in-built calendar helps you track your content posting strategy across multiple platforms and synchronize updates of new content.

The powerful in-built analytics tools allow you to track engagement, likes, dislikes and even comments across various accounts. The analytics can further be used to track the success of the campaign and determine the top-performing posts on each account.

Ahrefs – Search engine optimization tool

Ahrefs is without a doubt a very popular SEO tool. It can be used to brainstorm keyword ideas and determine ranking opportunities. This is an excellent option if you want to become best digital marketing agency in Dubai.

The tool also allows you to check any URL’s top-performing keywords (not necessarily your own). The tool’s in-built feature also lets you check the top-performing backlink keywords.

Lemlist – Email marketing tool

E-mail marketing is a strategy employed by some of the best digital marketing agencies. Lemlist focuses entirely on the deliverability of the content. The tool can be used to track the best time to send an email to get high conversions.

Unlike many email marketing tools that allow coding features, this tool has simplified personalization tools. However, what it lacks in this, it makes up for by helping you customize a way to get around the spam filter of email boxes.

Unbounce — Conversion optimization tool

Unbounce is a simple tool you can use to build, tweak and publish new landing pages of your website. The in-built A/B testing feature and analytics can help you determine the success of your CTAs, buttons and other elements.

This tool stands out among all others because it does not require expert-level knowledge. It can be used by new marketers or individual clients without any excess learning.

Creatopy – Graphics creation tool

Graphics are a key requirement for all web pages. They need to be eye-catching, simple to understand and informative. Creatopy is a great graphics creation tool you can use if you don’t want to contact a designer every time.

Built specifically for marketers, this tool is very similar to Canva. The in-built design sets and kits allow you to work with other marketers on your team and keep all projects organized.

These are the top five tools used by Dubai’s best digital marketing agencies. These tools are often free or require minimal subscription charges. However, they can make a significant difference in your brand’s digital marketing strategy over time.

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