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What to do if your pet needs to see a specialist

A veterinarian who specializes in a specific aspect of clinical veterinary treatment is referred to as a specialist. When your local veterinarian suggests visiting a veterinary specialist, it implies that your animal’s medical state must be reviewed by a professional who specializes in the particular field. It could perhaps be a complex surgical procedure that general practitioners cannot perform, second opinions for unique or complex cases, treatment of exotic species, or if X-rays, CTs, or MRIs are needed. Often one part of your pet’s body might be affected and cause complications leading to an examination by a specialist.

When arriving at the pet clinic for your first consultation it is important to ask them numerous questions about the process. This will enable you to receive a thorough explanation of the procedure, increasing both your awareness and comfort. The vet clinic will assess your pet’s condition during this consultation to determine whether they are healthy enough to undergo treatment. Common complex diseases that would require your pets to visit a specialist are endocrine diseases such as diabetes and thyroid, respiratory diseases like asthma and pneumonia as well as infectious diseases such as parvo or canine influenza. Some veterinary specialists include dentistry, dermatology, radiology, theriogenology, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, soft tissue etc.

If surgical treatment is suggested for your pet, it would be beneficial to do prior research on both the surgery and the surgeon before the consultation. Be sure to carry your pet’s medical records such as prescriptions and lab results to your appointment as a reference for your surgeon. When your local veterinary doctor has not suggested a consultation with a specialist and your pet’s problem is still progressive, it’s recommended to seek a second opinion. By using Google and entering “vet clinics near me,” you can easily find a veterinary professional in your area. This will give you a geographic listing of specialists nearby.

It is recommended to ask the following questions to your pet’s surgeon before the procedure:  

  • Why choose surgery over non-surgical alternatives?
  • Are there any additional tests that should be performed?
  • What are the dangers and potential side effects of this surgery? 
  • How long will my dog have to stay in the hospital following the procedure? 
  • What is the prognosis for my dog, given their age and medical history?

Visiting a veterinary specialist can often make pet owners anxious and apprehensive. At the Modern Vet Hospital, the well-being of your pet is assured. With state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, they are determined to perform procedures efficiently and flawlessly. Their highly qualified specialists strive to constantly educate themselves on the latest medical technologies and techniques to perform procedures. They are known for their well-functioning neurology, physiotherapy, dermatology, and cardiology departments and their impeccable mobility and rehabilitation centers where your pet can receive appropriate recovery treatments. Book a consultation with Modern Vet Hospital, the UAE’s only 24-hour referral hospital now.

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