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Morning Desert Safari

Why should we choose Morning Desert Safari in Dubai?

Morning Desert Safari Dubai is a place to explore and spend your weekends. Or if you have enough leisure, you can spend the whole day and night in the Dubai desert while enjoying different amusing activities offered in the package.

The timing between 8 to 11 am is the best time, although, you can stand in the scorching heat of the desert in the afternoon. That’s why it’s good to enjoy and leverage the activities in the early morning when the sunrise or when the sunset.

You can enjoy BBQ, 4×4 SUV, Camel ride, quad-bike riding, etc. activities in Morning Desert Safari, which you can’t do on night one. These pleasures will make your day rollicking and take you away from the normalcy of life.

In this article, we’ll guide you on why should you choose Morning Desert Safari. Let’s hear the reasons respectively.

Camel Riding

Well, camel riding is an amazing journey. You can sit on the back of the camel and enjoy his feet sinking in the sand. Camel riding can cost you approximately $44 per head, which is expensive. Although, it would be best if you book this ride early morning or evening and capture the sunrise and sunset with your device.

The Amusing 4×4 Ride Dune Bashing

If you haven’t taken the ride in a 4×4 Hummer or Land Cruiser, you’re missing something. The topsy turvy and uneven terrain will make your day delightful. Make sure you haven’t eaten anything before this ride, or else, it can result in vomiting or disturbance in your stomach.

The adrenaline dune bashing in a 4×4 is an energetic ride, which will give you a wholesome feeling.


Sandboarding is another indulging activity; you can have it in Morning Desert Safari. Your kids would make this moment memorable, don’t worry about your safety, the staff will guide you about everything.

Moreover, the sand dunes in the morning time look mesmerizing, on which you will enjoy sandboarding.

Emirati Culture and Heritage

Although, the activities are overwhelming, however, there are sites which you can visit and take photographs. Al Awir, Al Lahab, and Lisa Oasis are villages, which are picturesque and would give you a great glimpse of each.

Quad-bike riding

After camel riding and sandboarding, there is quad-bike riding, which is another thriller for most of the people who are new to Morning Desert Safari. The ride on the four-wheel quad bike will give you much joy on the red sand dunes of the desert.

Precautions in Morning Desert Safari

  • Women who are pregnant shouldn’t visit the desert.
  • If your kids are under the age of five, they should avoid visiting the desert.
  • Don’t come without refreshments such as water bottles, sunblock, etc.
  • Don’t come with costly stuff like jewelry, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Bring some medicines with you.


In a nutshell, Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is a complete thriller and enjoyment for visitors, who travel miles to visit Dubai.

The exquisite sandboarding, camel riding, quad-bike riding, and many more activities are a good way to spend your vacations and weekends.

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