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Birthday Celebration & Dubai – Things You Can Do For Fun

If you are the one who is always excited about the birthdays and the ready to throw birthday parties then here are a few things that may help you.

Living in Dubai or vacationing, there is nothing that you may dislike about it. Moreover, the cultured to modern place; it doubles the fun. You might be wondering what additions can a place make to your parties, well it can do a lot. Special days like birthday don’t deserve to be treated with usual dinners, gathering and drinks. It calls for something special and fun to do.

Forget about the age and plan your next birthday party from the ones listed below.

Hot Air Balloon

To make your birthday party a trill, try hot air balloon ride; old but trendy. While having a ride in hot air balloon, flying over the deserts of Dubai; what else could be a better combination than this. A little effort is required to take the full advantage of your ride is that you have to get up little early in the morning. As heard, early bird catches the worm. So, the best flying conditions are with the sunrise.


If you are an introvert yet loves to have fun at its peak all alone; Kung Korean is your go-to thing to on your birthday in Dubai. You may hire a room for an hour or more, depending on for how long you want to enjoy your own company. The best part is you can be your singer, especially when you are a terrible singer, you can be as loud as you wish to be. Adding on to the atmosphere provided, chintzy décor gives you a few hours to shut down the glamours life of Dubai. Well, these booths can be booked till 1a.m. and the Korean food and drinks would be served on order.


Your birthdays could be more exciting when having a Yacht rental service in Dubai. Yacht can give you an ultimate view of Dubai over the seas. Boats can vary in size, so is in the price. You get a wide range of options to choose from, depending upon the size of group you have invited to your birthday party.  The luxuries include own chef, live BBQ and Music to vibe along.

So, are you ready to cruise along the sea with a Yacht, having your loved ones by your side?

Partying In Limo

Limo – the stretched cars are usually associated with lavish parties, proms, or for wedding. Well, limo is a vehicle and can be used for any mood of transportation. In fact, the stretched cars are designed for having especial birthdays inside the cars. Call your group of friends, drive around the town, have drinks or do whatever you like. Having a birthday in limo is not that expensive. Choose your destination, select a playlist, cruise with the windows down and volume up.

Dinning At Dubai’s Best Restaurant

Dubai welcomes you with a large variety of cuisines from all around the world, counting from Lebanese, Turkish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Throw a party for your loved ones or friends to have an ever-lasting job on your birthday. The delicious feasts are waiting to serve your taste buds in one of the best restaurants.

This can be one of the simplest ways to celebrate your birthday. And if you are a low-key person, this is your go-to way.

Private Pool Party

To make your adult birthday party a little extra, private pool can be a great place. Clubs in Dubai are already offering places for private pool party that comfortably welcomes a gathering of eight people. What is better that starting your party so that you can dance till you drop. Private pools are not that expensive, you may find a luxurious place in between AED 100 to AED 200. The price may differ on weekends.

Are you excited for your next birthday? Starting planning today!

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