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Veneers: How to Get Your Hollywood Smile On…

On Hollywood film sets and red carpets, everyone has great teeth. How do the Stars manage to have such perfect teeth?

The answer is very simple, in general, the stars use an anesthetic technique called: Dental veneers or “Hollywood smile.”

Dental veneers are thin ceramic films that are glued to the visible part of the tooth.

Thanks to this process, it is easy to mask defects and therefore change the color of the teeth, their alignment as well as their shape.

Veneers are mainly intended for front and visible teeth. No need to consider these kinds of techniques for molars that are located at the back of the mouth.

Preparation and Placement of Dental Veneers

Unlike a conventional prosthetic crown, the veneer has the advantage of conserving the dental capital as much as possible, many studies show that it only decays 6 to 11% of the dental capital. That is to say, you improve your smile without invasive procedures.

The advantage of this preparation is that it is located on the outermost part of the tooth, namely the enamel, which offers significant adhesive properties allowing it to last well over time. The key to success during their preparation is the validation of the aesthetic project by the patient with the provisional also called the “Mask”.

Veneers are made in line with the smile line, the position of the lips, and the orientation of the Bipupillary line (the one passing through both eyes).

New technology now makes it possible to place veneers without any preparation, thanks to increasingly thin materials that adapt perfectly to the biology, shape, and anatomy of the tooth.

What Happens to Veneers Once in Your Mouth

Veneers integrate naturally with the rest of the teeth and are well accepted by the gum which finds its place in a few days. They do not require any protection and special precautions apart from impeccable oral hygiene.

Why Are Veneers so Trendy?

young age allows you to act on time, and to wear good braces. But in adulthood, it is normal if you have the horror of kissing with iron rings. If you want to avoid wearing an appliance for two years, the solution is dental veneers.

Custom-made, dental veneers overlap existing teeth to create a white, well-aligned dentition. This technique requires small local anesthesia during which the dental surgeon practices a micro abrasion of the teeth concerned. A permanent solution that will change your life!

You’d think celebrities get their teeth whitened regularly, but the truth is, few of them choose this option.


Using porcelain veneers can fix imperfections and straighten slanted and worn teeth, as well as lighten their color. Porcelain veneers last up to 15 years while bleaching only lasts a year or two.

Each time you smile, your brain releases Endrophine. That is to say, your smile physically makes you happy, and makes people feel comfortable around you, so take care of it.

Smile at the universe, and the universe will smile back at you!

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