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Top 10 Best Car Tire Brands in UAE

Top 10 Best Car Tire Brands in UAE

It is a fact that you need to change car tyres and maintain them every once in a while. You can ask for help from your car repairmen. Yet, the ones you are looking for should be legacy brands that deliver a promise of safety. We can help you learn more about reliable and popular car tyre brands in the UAE. 

Leading car tyre brands and facts about them:

Bridgestone Tyres

Today, they are the leading manufacturer of car tyres in Dubai, UAE and the rest of the world. Bridgestone tyres are very popular because these are:

  • Known for its run-flat technology, which prevents disruption in car driving due to flats.
  • Also known for its eco-friendly initiatives to reduce carbon emissions on the road.
  • Bridgestone tyres are best for family cars and SUVs as they come with a promise of safety and durability.
  • Popular tire models include Bridgestone Turanza, which is comfortable and high-performance in nature.

Hankook Tyres

Hankook tyres are known for their element of safety and longevity. The tyres are designed for optimal control, so you enjoy every moment of driving your car. The brand is focusing on R&D on a mass scale to create highly improved tyres.  

  • Hankook tyres has eight factories and 5 R&D centres for the development and production of best-quality car tyres.
  • Hankook tyres caters to 160 export locations worldwide and has a significant presence in the UAE.
  • The Hankook Innovative Performance and Quality system creates car tyres for EVs, Passenger cars, and SUVs across different brands.
  • Hankook tyres are trusted by leading premium car manufacturers.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres has centuries of legacy in tire manufacturing, a tradition they are carrying forward even today. tyres from this brand are very powerful and strong. 

  • The car tyres are known for their patented and unique noise-cancelling system, which gives you the power of silence when you drive.
  • The brand has constantly reinvented car tyres and now focuses on creating eco-friendly car tyres for race and passenger cars.
  • Pirelli tyres have multiple F1 car partnerships and bring forth excellent quality car tyres.
  • The best-known models of Pirelli tyres are the Pirelli Cinturato P7 and Pirelli Scorpion Verde, which focus on performance and comfort.

Goodyear Tyres

The brand has been actively manufacturing for centuries and has evolved with new-age technology. The tyres are made of superior-grade material and are very safe for varying roads. 

  • Goodyear is known for its innovative approach to car tire manufacturing, with the first tubeless tire in the world.
  • They have also introduced innovations in run flat technology and fuel efficiency.
  • Some of the popular models from Goodyear are Goodyear Eagle F1 and Goodyear EfficientGrip.
  • The tyres are best for diverse road conditions and are preferred in the UAE for cars of different types.

Yokohama Tyres

The tyres are made by a Japanese company that is innovative and cutting-edge. These versatile tyres are used for diverse purposes. From fast cars to off-road cars, these Japanese technology tyres are chosen for different driving experiences.

  • The Yokohama tyres were founded in 1917 and have been pioneering tire technology since then. 
  • Some of the popular models from Yokohama tyres are Yokohama Advan and Yokohama Geolandar. 
  • Yokohama tyres has introduced the use of orange oil technology in car tire manufacturing to maintain high-performance tyres.

Michelin Tyres

Michelin tyres are also a brand that produces high-performance, high-efficiency tyres that save fuel. 

  • Michelin tyres have held the baton for car tire safety and fuel efficiency
  • They have come up with the leading tire design of radial tyres for better control and comfort.
  • Michelin tyres are best for luxury cars and high-speed cars.
  • The leading models of Michelin tyres are the Michelin Pilot Sport and Michelin Primacy

BFGoodrich Tire

The car tire manufacturer has been actively producing excellent tyres since 1870. For centuries, it has maintained consistent quality and utility for the customers.

  • BFGoodrich specialises in sturdy, off-road car tyres that give superior control to the driver. 
  • The most popular models are BFGoodrich Trail Terrain and All Terrain tyres that offer great off-road traction for driving on any road.

Continental Tyres

The top car tire brand has been crafting tyres with innovation since 1871. It is a trusted car tire brand in the UAE with versatile tyres for cars.

  • Continental has made immense advancements in tire safety features and car handling 
  • Continental is also responsible for introducing the world’s first tread pattern on tyres for better grip 
  • Continental tyres are known for their durability and all-round performance. 
  • Popular models from Continental tyres include ContiEcoContact and ContiSportContact

Dunlop Tyres

Among the best car tire brands in the UAE, you can also find Dunlop tyres. Dunlop tyres are very safe and versatile in nature. 

  • Dunlop Tires specialises in racing tyres and has introduced innovations in tread design 
  • Dunlop tyres are made for luxury cars and sports cars, found everywhere in the UAE 
  • The tyres from this brand are excellent under different weather conditions.

Cooper Tyres

Cooper tyres have been in the UAE market for years. The Cooper tyres have been operating since 1914 and offer superior quality and craftsmanship with every tire model.

  • Cooper tyres specialises in crafting durable and high-performance tyres. 
  • Cooper tyres are great for off-roading and heavy vehicles like trucks 
  • The most used models of Cooper tyres are the Cooper Discoverer and Zeon tyres


Car tyres determine the ease of driving and control on roads of different conditions. Finding a high-performance tyre that works in any weather condition and on any road is a dream for passionate drivers. Reputed brands for car tyres have tried and tested all car tyre technologies to create the best quality car tyres for your vehicle. 

The car tyre model you choose depends on your car and your location. Choose your car tyre carefully and maintain it with repairs at the right time. Your car tyres can protect you from accidents and should come with additional safety features. To buy the best car tyres, compare with the best brands and choose the one that is meant for your car.

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